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Improving your confidence. Is our challange 

What do we offer you

What we Offer?

Whether you are an alum or a franchisee, Krav Maga Israel is your place to grow. We offer a world-class method that maintains an affordable and successful business system. Franchisees will be eligible to pick our Krav Maga Israel courses according to the route they choose. For more information...

krav mage courses

Krav Maga Israel Courses

Krav Maga Israel is an international system that gained tremendous success in the self defense field. It increased the personal and social awareness for security worldwide. Our method allows our franchisees and cooperators to choose and invest in the best model that fits their vision. For more information...



Annual Programs

The annual programs are adjusted by age and level and allow everyone of any age to practice at their own pace. All courses are designed to last for a year. For more intense courses click here





  • Lee Shalom Krav Maga Israel graduate

    I joined krav maga israel team 27 years ago. when i was just one year old. "I grew up there." I was a very shy kid but growing with Krav Maga Israel  boosted my confidence, self esteem and sharpen my instincts. the incredible krav maga israel trainers always showed me support and were extremely devoted. they always pushed me to my limits. Later, I became a trainer myself and i was eager to help students and change their way of life like it did for me.

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  • Jonathan Eliyahu Krav Maga Israel graduate

    Krav Maga Israel was always a part of my life. I was a self defense instructor in the IDF for three years. And when I learnt from Master Shalom, I felt I was in good hands. I even went to instructor in the USA and was extremly greatful for the opportunitty and for the people I got to influnce. Krav Maga Israel has an amazing franchise and partnership opportunities and it allows our brand partnership and franchisees great options for success and freedom. 

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  • Ron Debbi Krav Maga Israel graduate

    I heard that Krav Maga Israel is giving franchise opportunities from my friends who trained there for years. After years of working long hours with stressful targets, it was so refreshing to feel in direct control of growing something from scratch that I can gain from. Grand Master Shalom and his team were with me every single moment and gave me the best direction with the business. Thanks to this opportunity I feel so much growth in my business and personal life.

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  • Boaz Levi Krav Maga Israel graduate

    I needed a simple, profitable business that was quick and easy to set up. I knew I wanted to be a part of the fast-growing self-defense industry and was looking for an opportunity that offers the best system and knowledge for a growing business. The Krav Maga Israel team had the perfect business model for me and it allowed me to expand overseas and thought me so much about good business values. I get to spread the Krav Maga Israel system overseas and teach many people how to protect themselves.

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  • Or Danino of Krav Maga Israel graduate

    I came to Krav Maga Israel feeling insecure, but knew I wanted to learn how to protect myself. the amazing trainers pushed me and thought me so much about my natural body instincts. I have been pushed and been challenged not only physically but also mentally and it boosted my self esteem completely. i loved training with other women and felt home at Krav Maga Israel.

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  • Shir Aharon Krav Maga Israel graduate

    I enjoyed training with the most professionals trainers and also with people in basic level like me. Grand Master Shalom made sure everyone felt comfortable. The Krav Maga Israel instructors were amazing and checked I was doing every move right. I now feel like I can walk with confidence and the ability to defend myself.


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Why trust us

Why Krav Maga Israel?

After 30 years of working around the world and accumulating more than 3000 trained instructors and coaches, we are here to offer the best knowledge to create the best opportunity for success, because your success is our victory. That is why Krav Maga Israel will work close with you, especially in the beginning, to make sure you get on the right path

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