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"Education is what is left, when we forget all the things we learned in school"
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General Description

Our event provides students with the skills to cope with unexpected situations in life, using self-defense techniques that combine discipline and fun in a way that enhances self-awareness and reduce violence through a unique system developed over many years at Shalom College, children are instructed in physical techniques based on their natural instincts and innate reflexes.
It is an event that is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education. Our training has shown high success rates. Many teachers claimed the activity was transferred indicate a significant decrease in the percentage of violence.
The event not only focuses on the moral and ethical code of the martial arts
world, but it also includes educating toward tolerance, impulse control, listening skills, memory development, interpersonal communication, taking responsibility, assertiveness, respect for others, persistence, and determination. Together, these tools empower a child's confidence and encourage positive thinking and achievement.
The event is dynamic and personally customized by the event manager to meet the needs of each target group and the needs of the institution.

Additional Description

Minimum work order $3000
Minimum of 250 participants
Over 500 students 10% discount
The facility receives 25% of each event
Possibility to add equipment: shirt, hat and towel = $99
Payment of 30% in advance on the day the work is performed

Weekly sessions (yearly total of 32 sessions) - 50% discount
Monthly sessions (yearly total of 12 sessions) - 30% discount
Four meetings a year (meeting every three months) - 10% discount


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