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"Good instincts teach you what to do long before your head solves the problem"
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General Description

Krav Maga Israel teaches individuals to identify and refine their natural reflexes to allow fast reactions in the event of a confrontation. The different methods of Krav Maga Israel are aimed at the weak points of the body. This training enhances the ability of practitioners to filter out potential threats in a high pressure environment when levels of stress and sensory are high.
That is why we invite you to join us and strengthen not only your physical
condition but also work on your movement skills and improve your natural
*This event is also dedicated to organizations and companies.
The warrior event fits all employees, whether they are part of management,
administration, sales, marketing, customer service or serve another role in the
company. It covers many topics, such as building confidence, stress regulation, leadership development and teamwork development.
The warrior event is not only educational, but also provides tools for employees that are effective for the job and their lifestyle. They encourage every employee to reach their maximum potential.

Additional Description

Minimum work order $1500
Minimum of 30 participants
Over 60 students 10% discount
The facility receives 25% of each event
Possibility to add equipment: shirt, hat and towel = $99
Payment of 30% in advance on the day the work is performed

Weekly sessions (yearly total of 32 sessions) - 50% discount
Monthly sessions (yearly total of 12 sessions) - 30% discount
Four meetings a year (meeting every three months) - 10% discount


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