Ages 5 to 12

From the trainer level to black belt – this is an annual study program in which one can obtain a black belt in 7 years

Course Gallery

Course Programs

  • First Year
    Levels 1+2, Price: $1800
  • Second Year
    Level 3, Price: $1500
  • Third Year
    Level 4, Price: $1500
  • Forth Year
    Level 5, Price: $1500
  • Fifth Year
    Levels 6+7, Price: $1500
  • Sixth Year
    Level 8, Price: $1500
  • Seventh Year, Black Belt
    Black Belt: Price: $1800

Training kit for each trainee
Every trainee receives trainning gloves, a suit, a shirt, a belt, a hat, towels, protectors for hands / feet / testicles and a training bag – all with the official logo of Krav Maga Israel


Annual Programs

The annual programs are adjusted by age and level and allow everyone of any age to practice at their own pace. All courses are designed to last for a year. For more intense courses click here

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