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Krav Maga began from the beginning of humankind, its methodology comes from the standpoint of self-defense approach that based on humans’ natural reflexes for defense, self-preservation and the submission of one’s opponents.

Krav Maga Israel developed in 1985

The founder of Krav Maga Israel began his martial arts training at the
age of six and became a Grand master. As an adult he studied martial
arts at the Ryushinkan University of Japan for five years, achieving
mastery in Judo and the Traditional Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate. Level
8 Dan. He Currently holds the title of “Chief instructor of the Goju Ryu
Karate Federation of Israel." He has received numerous certificates
and national degrees over the years and has been recognized as a
Senior Martial Arts Coach since 1985. Then, he decided to develop a
smarter and more efficient way to teach Krav Maga where, everything
is allowed in favor of protection and everyone can learn and perform
no matter what the physiological condition of the student is.
Over the years he received many international titles and awards. And
received recognition as a martial arts grand master from the Israeli Sports
Director, the IDF, the police and the Ministry of Education in Israel.

More than 3000 instructors world wide

Grand Master Shalom, spent his army service in special units in the
IDF. When he was in the main guide division, he received much praise
and acclaim from senior officers and different Divisions Commanders
relating to Krav-Maga and self-defense. As a result, he currently
trains military units in Krav Maga
Grand Master Shalom has traveled all over the world to places such
as Europe, China, Japan, and the United States teaching martial
arts and certifying more than 3000 instructors in Krav Maga Israel
method all over the world. He is currently involved in developing
various volunteering community projects and encouraging Various
frameworks for mental and physical support.

Appointment of the head of the Krav Maga and Tactical Combat Division in the 1st military training base

Dr. (G.M) Dror Shalom
President of the Krav Maga Israel organization
Recently appointed to promote the krav maga field in the IDF in general and in particular at the officers' school in the 1st Infantry Division
The title rule requires to verify the combatants fitness in the field of
Krav Maga Israel and tactical combat, and to prepare the IDF commanders
for their position on the battlefield.

Why trust us

Why Krav Maga Israel?

After 30 years of working around the world and accumulating more than 3000 trained instructors and coaches, we are here to offer the best knowledge to create the best opportunity for success, because your success is our victory. That is why Krav Maga Israel will work close with you, especially in the beginning, to make sure you get on the right path

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