Krav Maga Israel is one of the most rapidly growing brands in franchising. It is more than a self-defense system. It’s a successful business and the world’s number one supplier for training coaches and instructors in the self-defense field. With our self-defense reflex method and the variety of courses that regularly attracts investors from around the world. It allows us to create various interesting collaborations and opportunities for growth More Info...


Krav Maga Israel is a business that is dedicated to serving clients who want unique techniques. Our business methods offer variety of paths in order to create successful partnerships with maximum results all over the world More Info...

Successful Master Franchise

Want to take part in unique, passionate combat and self defense system that guarantees results?
Be a part of our Krav Maga Israel community. This is the first time we are opening the successful master franchise to the world. Grand Master Shalom developed a method that is dedicated to serving society and benefit individuals who want a
unique, passionate, and proven methods that guarantee results. Our business system offers a pattern for success. With maximum results for successful business.

Everyone can do it

Our methods apply common sense fitness principles that work. Whether you want to encourage beginners to increase their confidence or, engage more advanced students in new techniques and advanced courses, Krav Maga Israel is designed for all. We offer a variety of concentrated conditioning and technique classes, from bare hands to the use of various tools, personal programs to multi-year tracks, including training group classes, kid-friendly programs, personal training and more.

Growing Community

Join our worldwide Krav Maga Israel community and be a part of the unique Krav Maga Israel franchise. Seize the opportunity to become your own boss and to create opportunity, not only for yourself, but for others too, and experience all the progressed techniques and methods Krav Maga Israel has to offer.

Your Success is Our Victory

After 30 years of working around the world and accumulating more than 3000 trained instructors and coaches, we are here to offer the best knowledge to create the best opportunity for success, because your success is our victory. That is why Krav Maga Israel will work close with you, especially in the beginning, to make sure you get on the right path.
Knowledge + results-based business = Leading franchise

Multiple Revenue Streams

With Krav Maga Israel’s multiple revenue streams and its distinct franchising options to choose from, there are numerous profitable paths to take with our brand: ranging from security courses, regular trainer courses, courses for schools and students, organization oriented courses, self-defense for women, instructor courses and more.

Be a part of a growing community

Over the past five years, the self-defense industry has continued to grow. According to IBIS World, the self-defense industry made $5 billion in total revenue in 2019, with 80,559 businesses.

For the Best, You Need the Best

- A successful, proven 30 years business model.
- Variety of training programs developed by Grand Master Shalom.
- Unique Krav Maga Israel method.
- Exclusive rights to use the Krav Maga Israel business system in territory.
- Extensive market support.

FAQ about franchising and business partnership

  • How do you support the franchisors and the partners?

    After more than 30 years of working around the world, we are able to provide you with the best and most extensive experience and knowledge in the field to create the best opportunity for success, because your success, is our victory. Therefore, Krav Maga Israel is happy to work closely with you, especially in the beginning, to make sure that you get on the right path.

  • How long does it take to open Krav Maga Israel Franchise?

    Immediately after contacting us we will make an appointment and start the review process. Afterwards, we will proceed to the documents submission. The time of the process depends on the franchisee himself and how quickly he prepares all the required data in advance.

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