Super Master – Instructors + Black Belt

Training kit for each trainee

Each trainee receives Training Suit, MMA gloves, shirt, hat, towels and training bag. All embroidered with the official logo of “Krav Maga Israel”
In addition: a pair of rubber knives, a pair of real knives, a rubber gun, a 60 cm stick, protectors for hands / Feet / Testicles

This is an advanced course only for those with extensive knowledge

General explanation of all areas of the training

There will be an auditing of the trainee’s understanding including proven experience and professional knowledge, written questions including a practical review of martial arts or tactical combat knowledge.

Instructor guidelines

Entry into the facility, auditing the training location, oversight of the trainees’ health (including during the training itself), training procedures in regards to the training plan, training and physical fitness development methods and practices, strength, flexibility, speed, control during combat, stress and meditation exercises, and building training programs.

Review of all the syllabus

Striking defense and attack drills, defenses against hugs, strangulations, locks, defense and attack drills with tools including melee weapons.

Studying various simulations of attacks and defenses in a confined space

The use of empty hands as well as the use of tools in various situations such as: rooms, cars, busses and so on.

Examinations in the sciences and first aid

Anatomy, physiology, injuries, psychology, training methodology, nutrition, and first aid (44 hours)

Personal and training skills proficiency examinations 

The tests are based on a template of performing exercises, conducting training, procedures, trainee development oversight, feedback for improvement, final tests and receiving the certificate.

Major topics in the black belt certification

There will be an examination based on personal execution of all exercises learned in the basic levels as well as various simulations for performing defenses and attacks both standing and on the ground in a closed / open space with and without tools.

Grades are evaluated on the basis of correct movement / performance of exercises / sequence of exercises, ability to meet all examination requirements including repetition of exercises as an individual and in pairs, including combat standup and ground fighting, body hardening/absorption, and the ability to control the tools. An examination takes up to two hours.

A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the course and passing the exam.

Course outline

  • A total of 72 hours
  • In addition there is another 80 hours of required science studies and 44 hours of first aid certification.
  • A certificate will be awarded to those who successfully complete the course, as well as additional options to continue further.

Duration and price

3 months, $3000

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