Instructor – Master

Training kit for each trainee

Each trainee receives MMA gloves, shirt, hat, towels and training bag. All embroidered with the official logo of “Krav Maga Israel”
In addition: a pair of rubber knives, a pair of real knives, a rubber gun, a 60 cm stick Protectors for hands / Feet / Testicles

The first 25 registrants in each class will receive a quality bag for training, a shirt, a training suit and two towels.
All with the official logo of “Battle of Israel”
In addition: training gun, training knife and training stick.
Gifts worth about NIS 850, yours for free

The instructors’ course is for those with extensive knowledge or for those interested in taking this course after completing the basic level courses in order to be trained as an instructor.

This course focuses on developing the required skills to become an instructor. 

In addition, the training in the course will include the development and learning of the following attributes and skills:

  • Training and physical development
  • Increase in physical fitness
  • Improving coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Increasing the concentration capacity
  • Spatial vision
  • Training in timely defensive exercises
  • A wider range of common tools and simulations
  • Some of the training includes the use of firearms (such as practical shooting- according to the discretion of the trainer and the facility manager, if the trainee meets the standards).

Course outline

  • Total sessions: 36 (a total of 144 hours)
  • In addition there is another 80 hours of required science studies and 44 hours of first aid certification.
  • A certificate will be awarded to those who successfully complete the course, as well as additional options to continue further.

Duration and price:

6 months, $5000

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