The Security and Counter-Terrorism programs created by Krav Maga Israel blend the unique military and security experience of our staff with techniques and tactics built into the military and personal security applications of Krav Maga Israel. These programs are designed for security companies, law enforcement and military training centers and companies working in high-value target environments (ships, airports, transportation hubs).

The Self Defense Reflex System is the hallmark of Krav Maga Israel youth self-defense curriculum. It is designed not only to build confidence and fitness among children and adolescents but also to instill important values such as patience, respect and self-reflection.

Seminars Karate and Krav Maga Israel
Krav Maga Israel offers a range of traditional and modern martial arts training programs, designed to meet practitioners at any point in the training process. Dojo training can be aimed toward achieving black belt level in a variety of practices as well as more advanced training for future coaches and trainers.

Designed with large group training in mind, the self-defense and martial art programs for children and adolescents can also be tailored to the context of camps. At the foundation in the signature Self-Defense Reflex system which helps students understand the role of martial arts within a wider context of health and fitness.