Basic Knowledge – Trainer

Training kit for each trainee

Each registrant receives MMA gloves, a shirt, a hat, towels and a training bag – all with embroidery of the official “Krav Maga Israel” logo

3-month program

This is a basic course that is tailored to anyone who is looking to improve their physical fitness, confidence, and understanding of their innate personal capabilities.

This method is taught in a gradual process that ensures improvement for everyone according to their own pace and ability. The method is based on training skills that are built from natural instincts that everyone has, the following attributes are also developed:

  • Improving spatial vision
  • Improving coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Forging the body for physical absorption
  • Raising self-confidence in recognizing personal abilities

Course outline

  • Total sessions: 36 (a total of 72 hours)
  • A certificate will be awarded to those who successfully complete the course, as well as additional options to continue further.

This course is also intended for companies, organizations, educational institutions, etc. according to the requirements and customization of the client. It is possible to conduct the course also at the clients’ facility or any other suitable place.

Duration and price

3 months, $1500

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