About Krav Maga Israel

Krav Maga Israel began from the beginning of humankind, its methodology comes from the standpoint of self-defense approach that based on humans’ natural reflexes for defense, self-preservation and the submission of one’s opponents.

The method was developed starting in 1985 in order to provide a broader response for all those interested in learning self-protection, utilizing methodologies for subduing and attacking the opponent in a professional and technical manner.

Grand Master (Dr.) Dror Shalom is an expert and champion in karate, judo and jujutsu, he decided to develop and extend this method as much as possible in order to provide unlimited options for subduing the opponent at maximum speed while minimizing injuries, as well as to further develop professional methodologies for combatants against terrorists in hand to hand combat and / or the elimination of targets.

Krav Maga Israel is a combat methodology that is based on reality situations (street fighting or tactical combat), that was developed by Grand Master Shalom. This method emphasizes learning and developing self-defense capabilities and subduing the opponent using all possible means, with quick and effective techniques that are aimed at addressing common situations that can occur when persons are attacked by those that want to cause them harm. This system can be done by anyone and it has no rules, since it is not a sport. Krav Maga Israel is a continuation of the krav maga method that is initially taught in the military that is used for self-protection in hand to hand combat situations. Krav maga was adopted by the IDF and is now famous worldwide, with other nations’ armed forces adopting this method of hand to hand combat.

Krav Maga Israel’s courses teach and develop the following attributes and topics:

  • Improving spatial vision
  • Flexibility
  • Forging the body for physical absorption
  • Increasing self-confidence and recognizing personal abilities
  • Functional capabilities in real time situations 
  • Improving the overall level of thinking including a spatial way of seeing 
  • Concentration, restraint and patience
  • A calculated verbal and physical response
  • A high level of physical performance
  • Significant improvement in the level of fitness and coordination
  • An increase in physical fitness
  • Improving coordination
  • Increasing concentration
  • Training in real-time defensive exercises
  • A wide range of tools for common situations

Training takes place in the facility and outside it, some of the training includes the use of firearms (such as practical shooting- according to the discretion of the trainer and the facility manager, if the trainee meets the standards).

Your security is our challenge!